Basic Info:

  • Payment is done via PayPal upfront, please do not leave any messages on your payment transfer as it can lock my account (tax is included with Paypal purchases). If not, we have Bizum and can send invoices with a 6% increase on the price to aaccount for taxes.
  • Time expected for the delivery of an illustration usually is a week, in case it's a big order, we'll tell you first about what should you expect time-wise.
  • While The Ink Garage does not work on a "slot" system, we reserve the right to refuse any and all commissions.
  • The usual resolution for the images delivered it's 1400x1600, but since we work in vectors most of the time, yeah, you can ask for other resolutions for a +10% increase.
  • Please send me references of the character you want me to draw! Even a lil' pose made in MS Paint will do!
  • Regarding last point, be real detailed while explaining what do you want! Be specific, and don't be shy to talk a bit about the character you want me to draw! We may throw in an extra if you make the character likable for us :D

  • Content Info:

    This section was tailored as a more in-depth explanation to what I will or won't draw, of course, if you don't understand something about these, feel free to ask via Discord or via Twitter!

    As for what I won't draw (As in, I WILL refuse drawing these)

  • Heavy gore [As in dead bodies, decapitations, dismemberedments... Light wounds such as a gunshot are OK tho.]
  • Hate speech [The typical: Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia... I will refuse any commissions that insult real people non-ironiclly as well.]
  • Heavy fetishes [Only applies for NSFW commissions: Feet, vore, watersports, scat, snuff, and abuse will be refused. If your fetish is something strange and I did not mention it, ask!]
  • Child-Like designs [Shota, Lolis, and anything resembling a minor in a NSFW commission will be refused and you'll be blocked immediately and irreversibly. For young characters (Like Niko from Oneshot) in SFW situations, you don't have to worry!]
  • Complex designs [What do I classify as "complex"? I draw the line at Tairitsu, from Arcaea. Mechas, and Heavy Armors are also out of my league for now... Im sorry!]

  • Okay, now for the things I can and will draw!

  • OC's and Fanart [I love drawing OC's, and i'm open for fanart as well! (Extra points if it's 2hu or CROB :3c)]
  • Real people [I can recrete a photo of you and your friends per example!]
  • Simple Robotics [If you know me, you know I have a character named Button that has a prosthetic arm, i'm able to mke that type of robotics.]
  • Anthro [Yeah, i'm a furry. I can do general anthro furries, but I won't do ferals. UwU]
  • Album Covers [I've already been involved in some of Ikagunner's albums!] I'm sure we could work to do ssomehing like that, just ask us!
  • General designs [I can try and design for you character based on the basic ideas and sketches let's make your drem OC or Sona true!]

  • Copyright, Privacy, and more:

    Creative Commons License

    The ink Garage's works are under a CC License.

  • We, as The Ink Garage, have the right to the images and the work behind it with a CCBYNC license.
  • You, as the client, have the right to use the image as you like as long as you don't use it for commercial purposes nor modify it with the intent of using the artwork as if were made by yourself.
  • All of the commission will be posted after client approval under the Ink Garage's sites, tagging you. If you don't want this, just say it while ordering!
  • You're free to repost the drawing you got as much as you like, please, provide links directing to our site if you want!
  • Real names, PayPal information, and all of the DM's exchanged while commissioning are private, and won't be shared ever by us.
  • As said in "Basic Info", do not specify anything on the Paypal tranfers, as this can make PayPal lock our account. Keep it simple by stating your @ or Nick, nothing else.

  • If the client breaks any of these clausules, The Ink Garage reserves the right to stop any further commissions and blacklist the responsables. If needed, legal action can be taken.

    As for trust and blacklisting:

    We reserve the right to blacklist (as in, denying any further commissions and blocking) a user if:

  • Rude or pushy behavior: I am a human, and need time!
  • Filing a chargeback after the image is done
  • Breaking any copyright taated above.
  • Lying about your age for NSFW commissions.
  • Modifying the final image: Trying to take the credit for the work behind an illustration.